Communication Nexus

Enterprise Texting Solution

Mass Text Messaging for your Residents, Employees & Job Candidates


1 on 1 Texting to Follow Up with Specific Employees, Agents or Job Candidates

The Communication Nexus advantage

Enterprise-ready features designed to quickly communicate with your employees 

  • Analytics
  • Complex Distribution
  • Employee Surveys
  • Open-enrollment Notices
  • Static & Dynamic Keywords
  • API & Data Import

What sets Communication Nexus apart from the competition?

Enterprise-ready features designed to quickly communicate with your employees.

Complex Distribution

The complex distribution function enables messaging to a single department, pay grade or an entire subsidiary.


Sophisticated analytics deliver detailed information about messages received, opens, etc.

API & Data Input

Populate your receipient list by API input from many databases or easily upload your own lists.

Static & Dynamic Keywords

Empower your team with the ability to access information by  using powerful keywords to trigger smart responses. 

Insurance & Compliance Validation

Quickly contact every employee to confirm their Open Enrollment selection. 

Employee Surveys

Send employee satisfactoin surveys, “Idea Box” surveys ad hoc or automatically.

Multi-language enabled

Communication Nexus can be configured to offer messages in multiple languages.  Transation is done “on the fly”

Bi-Directional Communication

Employees can utilize this powerful solution to get info on Payroll, Jobs, HR issues and more using standard SMS.

Why Text/SMS?

  • 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes
  • Nearly all mobile phones and plans come with SMS capabilities
  • No data plan required, no app to download or manage

Self-Service HR:

-Relieve your HR team from fielding day-to-day inquiries that distract from more important tasks
-Verify employee receipt of all important updates and documents such as employee handbooks and company updates

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